30 Days of Prayer for the Isaan


Welcome to Isaan, land of the sticky rice eating people. Where kick boxing, chicken fighting and singing of “Maw Lum” folk music accompanied by a reed instrument are king. Where fiery hot green papaya salad will burn your lips off and plates of fried crickets will challenge your palate… Welcome to the home of the fun loving Isaan who will open their arms to you, a stranger, with laughter, fermented fish sauce dishes and a shot of rice whiskey. Or two. Or three…

30 Days of Prayer for Isaan covers topics which are true for Isaan people across the region including social issues and character traits. Ministry approaches which God is using to bring spiritual harvest around the world are also included in the hopes that if we pray for great things to happen in Isaan God will do them. Why not? Ask and you shall receive!

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