Beneath the Surface: 30 Ways to Pray for Japan

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Japan is known for its natural beauty, distinctive culture, and advanced technology; there is much to admire. Visitors to Japan comment that people are considerate, streets are clean, trains are on time, food is presented beautifully. It is a land that leaves memorable first impressions. But beneath the surface, there is so much more—more to admire, but also much to wrestle with. In this booklet, we invite the reader to move beyond those first impressions to engage with the stories and concerns of Christians in Japan.

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1 review for Beneath the Surface: 30 Ways to Pray for Japan

  1. Sharon L.

    Beneath the Surface is a fantastic little booklet to learn more about the culture and society of Japan and the mission work that is happening amongst the Japanese.

    It highlights 30 different ways to be praying for Japan through lots of stories, facts and specific prayer points.

    Great for those who are interested in finding out more about Japan and learning how to pray for the country.

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