Beyond Ourselves


“Read the story of OMF and the growth of the church in Thailand. Read about the determination, the hurdles, the casualties. Share in the joy of achievements. Know that the All-Sufficient One always enables us to go Beyond Ourselves.”

As part of CIM/OMF 150 years celebration OMF Thailand had a book written covering OMF’s history in Thailand from 1951 to 2012.

“Beyond Ourselves” traces the development of OMF’s work in Thailand from when it started through the next 6 decades. These decades are ones of dramatic change for Thailand in the socio-economic sphere. They are ones of dramatic change for OMF as it starts work in areas of Thailand that had no churches at all, to seeing churches established, to seeing ministry grow with those churches aiming to reach the entire country of Thailand. Each decade had unique challenges for OMF and the missionaries working under OMF in Thailand. By God’s grace OMF has had a part in seeing the Church in Thailand grow over the past 60 years, doubling every 13 years.

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