Blood For Blood- Pangayaw: The Right To Kill


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When mutilated bodies of Manobo tribesmen begin floating down the Davao River, the tribal leaders know that their worst fears have been realised…

Someone has declared a pangayaw against them.

Thus begins the hunt for Buaya, a Manobo chieftain carrying out a pangayaw – the culturally-sanctioned blood vendetta. Buaya, obsessed with killing the clan chief who massacred his kin, is murdering everyone in his path, shattering the fragile peace in the region. As the military and the leftist rebels get involved, two men are drawn into the fray – one seeks to capture Buaya, and the other to help him. In the escalating jungle conflict where the line between justice and vengeance is blurred, one man will pay the ultimate price to bring peace to a weary land.

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