The Children’s Champion


George Müller

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If you were an orphan in the city of Bristol around 1850 then life was hard – but if you got a place in Ashley Down, one of George Müller’s children’s homes, the future was bright. At Ashley Down you were really looked after. It was like living in a big, happy, loving family. George Müller was such a kind man and Ashley Down was a brilliant place to be.

Yet when George Müller was young he was selfish and totally untrustworthy. Would you trust someone who not only stole money from his own friends but also from his parents? So what changed him? Was it George’s spell in prison that stopped him stealing? Was it the tragic death of his mother that stopped his lies? Who changed the thief into a friend you can trust with millions of pounds? How was it that he came to leave his home country of Germany to live in Great Britain?

Find out how God miraculously transformed one young man’s life for selfish and greedy, to courageous and trustworthy; his heart, once totally self-centred, remodelled. George takes the children of his new home into his heart and the orphaned children of Bristol have someone to fight their corner. They trust him and love him. George is their champion.


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