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From a wasted childhood, continually in trouble with the British police in Singapore and then on the run during the Japanese occupation of China, Wu Yung’s eventual escape to Taiwan led to his dramatic conversion to Christ and the establishment of an evangelical church, a seminary and a training centre for thousands of Chinese young people.

Many things conspired against the ministry of Wu Yung, not least the onset of inoperable cancer. This moving autobiography recounts the faith-building incidents and lessons of life that inform and inspire the reader to give awareness of God’s ministry to and through a race of people strategically placed for global evangelisation.

Wu Yung was no academic or theologian but he upheld a lifelong disciplined approach to prayer and study. “I believe spiritual people produce spiritual work. If the church considers only methods and systems, the work produced will be wood, hay and stubble”.

Wu Yung’s personal experiences of faith in God provide the reader with valuable insights into effective church witness and itinerant world-wide ministry.