Go Tell It


How – and Why – to Report God’s Stories in Words, Photos, and Videos

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Will you tell the world what God is doing?

Whether we do ministry in a faraway country or a nearby neighbourhood, we experience the work that God is doing in lives of people around the world. Yet when we try to communicate those stories to our friends at home, we often fall flat.

How can we share what God is doing in a way that evokes the excitement He deserves?

To experienced journalists-turned-missionaries Jim Killam and Lincoln Brunner, the answer is straightforward: We need to be reporters – gathering information responsibly and crafting stories of God’s goodness.

The next time you are challenged to answer the question: “What happened on your mission trip?” or even: “What is happening in your ministry?” … be prepared to answer well. “Go Tell It” will equip you to tell a compelling story that allows others to see God’s work in the world.


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