I Love Laos: A Prayer Guide for the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos

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God loves Laos and so do I.

God made the many, many people groups of Laos. He set them in the rice-rich lowlands, the steep uplands and on the rugged mountain tops. He gave them an abundance of jungle and rivers and clear blue sky and gave them His Story. Sadly most have forgotten the account of Creation and the Great Flood and the giving of The Law but every now and again someone digs up a half recognisable memory of these epics and tells them again. Over time the telling of His Story has become more confused but a trail leading back the the Father does exist. The peoples of Laos are lost sheep that need to return to the Good shepherd’s fold.

The following collection of articles is an attempt to describe life in Laos in hopes that you too will learn to love Laos.

The best way God’s people can demonstrate love for Laos is to pray for this nation and her peoples. Each article concludes with suggested prayer points. These are intended to springboard you into informed intercession for the people God loves in Laos.

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