Jesus Did Many Other Things As Well


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“I couldn’t help laughing aloud a few times reading Tony’s stories of his experiences in Japan, mirroring so well our lives as missionaries in this country. Each story not only shares an aspect about the Japanese culture but teaches a spiritual lesson to be applied in daily life as a Christian. Tony does not describe the super start missionary, but a servant who experiences the Lord’s victories in the midst of failure and weakness .”- Wolfgang Langhans (OMF International japanĀ Feild Director 2002-2012)

Author Tony Schmidt, together with his wife Pat, initially went out from South Africa to Japan as Short Term workers with OMF International in 1972. During that time they felt God’s call to join OMF as long-term missionaries. They finally retired from Japan in 2011. They now live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where they serve as Associate Pastors at Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church. They have three children and seven grandchildren.


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