Pray for China!


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Much has been said about the revival of Christianity in China in recent decades. And yet, more than 1.2 billion Chinese – nearly one-fifth of the world population – still do not know Christ! Many have never even heard.

China needs prayer. In the words of OMF’s founder J. Hudson Taylor, “[the Chinese people] are perishing, a thousand every hour, a million every month, while to me and to every believer is given to ask in prayer whatsoever we will; to ask without limit in the name of Jesus.” Those words were written in 1865, but they still rung true today.

The China Prayer Guide seeks to mobilise God’s people to pray for this populous nation. Written by renowned China expert Tony Lamber, the guide takes readers through 30 days of prayer, addressing some of the key issues facing China in the 21st century and allowing readers to “pray with insight.”

China is at a pivotal point in its history. Will you intercede? Be a blessing to China. Pray for China.

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