Radical Discipleship


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Radical. Extremist? Terrorist? Christian?

These days being radical is associated with violence and intolerance. But what does it mean for a Christian to be a radical disciple of Jesus? To parade around campus in your Christian hoodie? To wear your cross-marked wrist strapping to rugby? To get up before everyone else to read your Bible and pray?

Hudson Taylor was a radical disciple. He seemed unremarkable in many ways and was only 21 when he began his ministry but he was committed and passionate about Jesus. He broke social and cultural expectations to remain true to the gospel. Far from being a negative thing, Taylor’s life shows us that being a radical disciple is about relationship-developing, social-working and Kingdom-building. It is about extremes of joy, peace, love and dependence on God despite suffering, poverty and ridicule.

Roger Steer has drawn together a collection of real life instances from Taylor’s remarkable life, with each one teaching, by example, the true meaning of radical discipleship.

“Prepare then, to find this small book packs a great punch. Be open to what God says to you through it. It may well prove to be a life-changing read; and you will not regret the change.” – J.I. Packer

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