The Bouyei of China


The Bouyei, one of the 55 officially recognised minority groups, make up part of China’ 1.2 billion population. More than 3 million Bouyei reside in the southwest provinces of Guizhou, Yunnan and Guanxi.

Distinguished by their pahs – head coverings that resemble turbans are are often made of intricate woven plaid – the Bouyei are also marked by warm hospitality, close village communities and friendly urban networks. They value people and relationships and yet nearly all of them live without a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The rich Bouyei culture is a medley of philosophies taken from animism, polytheism, shamanism, occultism, Daoism and Buddhism. Traditionally the Bouyei were farmers who relied on agriculture for their living. Slowly, however, they are becoming more urbanised, secularised and modernised, losing their traditional distinctives.

While traditional beliefs, materialism and the government prohibition against proselytising are all barriers to the gospel, nothing is impossible with God. In prayer, we can partner together to advance God’s kingdom in this corner of the world. This booklet is our invitation for you to join us in the powerful work of prayer on behalf of the Bouyei. May God use you in his pursuit to welcome the Bouyei to worship before his throne.

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