The Life I Now Live


A true story of adventure and faith in Cambodia

Lord’ I said, ‘have I not made enough sacrifices already? I gave up my friends and family to come to Cambodia… Do you really mean for me to surrender everything?’

When Joelle Kenny was growing up, she was convinced that God would want nothing to do with her. After all, she didn’t come from ‘right sort of family’ or have a ‘squeaky-clean background’; she had only ever lived for herself, for the moment. Little did she know that God had other plans for her life – plans that would take her to an unexpected place, with people of an entirely different language and culture from her own.

Joelle’s warm and honest account is the story of how the girl from the wrong sort of family got a fresh start in God’s family, how a house of bad luck became a house of blessing, and how God can take even the messiest lives, and transform them into lives lived for him.




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