Tears of My Soul, The


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The true story of a young man who miraculously survived a Khmer Rouge execution in which his entire family was hacked to death. Sokreaksa was a young member of a large family in Siem Reap City, Cambodia. When the country fell to the Khmer Rouge on April 17, 1975, his family was forced to join the exodus to the jungle villages. As the young Khmer Rouge soldiers consolidated their grip, the deaths increased. Anyone who complained; anyone educated; anyone an informer disliked: all were “sent to study” – killed. Teenage boys were brainwashed into amoral, vindictive thugs. Finally the day dawned when the family was marched to a grave ready dug in a jungle clearing: one by one they fell as the hoes hacked down. Sokreaksa, gravely wounded, was covered by the bodies of his brothers and sisters. His executioners walked away, laughing. That morning Sokreaksa climbed from the mass grave. Hatred burned in his heart. Could he possibly forgive his family’s killers?

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