Working in Multicultural Teams


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“A person who works in a multicultural team becomes a witness and a leader…It can be really hard work, and it is important to walk into a team with a humble attitude of serving God and each other.”

Multicultural teams are becoming more common both in the business world and the Christian world. We increasingly work with people from other cultures – and despite our best intentions, we find this can be difficult and uncomfortable. We can disagree over how decisions are made, what the leader should do, how the team should work… and an unexpected explosion can destroy our team.

As challenging as they may be, as Christians we are compelled to work well within multicultural teams. An effective multicultural team can bear witness to the fact that Jesus has the power to overcome cultural differences and national boundaries. When we form such a team, we take a deliberate step towards God’s goal of bringing together a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language.